• World Kidney Day 2019
SAPIENS HEALTH FOUNDATION was founded as Balaji Medical and Educational Trust in 1997 with the view to help patients with kidney disease. The foundation has been very active since inception and has subsidized several thousand dialyses and has helped patients with kidney disease to procure drugs at subsidy. The foundation is focusing on promoting health education to prevent kidney disease. A special website www.sugarbp.org was launched to provide key information regarding chronic kidney disease to people with diabetes and hypertension.

The foundation has also launched the Cystinosis chapter of India  in 2012 which has taken up the cause of children with a rare kidney disease called Cystinosis. For detailed information kindly refer to www.cystinosisindia.org .

In 2015 the foundation launched a  programme called the “PD ASSIST Programme”  to help  financially peritoneal dialysis patients to carry out dialysis at the convenience of their home. (For More information click here)

Recently the foundation has started a project to create awareness about the permissible daily intake of salt, the relationship of salt to blood pressure and other diseases and lastly, to make it compulsory for food labels to mention the salt content. (For more information click here)

The foundation enjoys 80G exemption from the Income Tax department of India for donations and FCRA 2010 approval for receiving foreign donations.