The Balaji Medical and Educational Trust, having gone through an existence of 12 years, has realized that helping patients who are already been affected by renal diseases covers only a small segment of the problem. The major issue which needs to be focused is how to prevent the onset of renal problems.

The only answer is to provide mass education and awareness across the length and breadth of the country by educating people as to what is the root cause of renal problems. The answer to this is simple i.e. uncontrolled/unmanaged Diabetes and Blood Pressure. As per WHO estimates, India is world capital for Diabetes and this will continue to increase. Hypertension is also spread to a similar extent. These two problems alone will create an enormous number of people having renal problems.

Therefore, the trust is going to concentrate on preventive measures i.e. Early Disease Programme (EDP). To this effect, the trust has launched the Early Disease Programme (EDP) on 15th March 2009 on the occasion of celebration of 12th anniversary of Balaji Medical and Educational Trust. All available mass media would be made use to disseminate this message for various diseases to cover widest population groups. The media includes TV, Internet, Cinema, Radio, Banners, Pamphlet, Newspaper, print media etc. Early disease programme includes detection, intervention and monitoring. It has now been decided to broaden the activities to other specialties. Healthcare of the community will be the primary aim. Therefore the trust has been restructured and renamed as SAPIENS HEALTH FOUNDATION.