Scientific Articles

  1. Salt Substitution Associated With Lower Mortality
    I.M. Matters -Weekly -Cardiovascular Disease – April 9 2024
  2. High Salt Intake Linked to Increased Risk for Kidney Disease
    Nadine Eckert, Medscape Medical News – January 22, 2024
  3. High Frequency of Adding Salt to Food increases Risk of Incident CKD
    Dr. Niharika Harsha B – Medical Dialogues – 30/12/2023
  4. Low-Salt Diet Cut BP by 6 mm Hg in 1 Week:
    CARDIA-SSBP – Medscape – Nov 15, 2023
  5. Adding salt to foods and hazard of premature mortality,
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  6. Effect of Dietary Sodium on Blood Pressur, e: A Crossover Trial.Gupta
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  7. Dietary Sodium Restriction Effective Against Treatment-Resistant Hypertension
    Jacinthlyn Sylvia, Medical Dialogues – 04/10/2023
  8. A High-Salt Diet Exacerbates Liver Fibrosis through Enterococcus-Dependent Macrophage Activation
    Xujun Zhang, Yan Liang, Jingjing Jiang, Chong Lu, Fan Shi, Qingyi Cao, Yanhui Zhang, Hongyan Diao
    ASM Journals, Microbiology Spectrum, Vol 2, No 2. 14/02/2023
  9. Reducing dietary salt intake could help prevent CKD in diabetes patients by significant BP lowering
    Medha Baranwal-Medical Dialogues – 06/02/2023